Our Building

Our “new” building in the dead of winter

Mission Resource and Training Center – Tok 

First…Welcome to the Mission Resource and Training Center located in beautiful downtown Tok, Alaska. 1314.6 Alaska Hwy, 63.335374 W Lat. -142.99250 N Long. According to the Tok Chamber of Commerce it is the “Coldest inhabited community in North America with warm friendly people.”  It is possible that there is a colder community but evidently we have the correct combination of cold and friendly.  How would you test that?  Anyway we are located at the former Gateway Baptist Church right on the Alaska Highway.  You ‘all come!

OK, you know where we are, just what are we trying to do?  Through the power of the Holy Spirit we desire to identify, enable, equip, empower and mentor those Alaska Native Peoples who God is calling to leadership and ministry.  We desire to promote the establishment of a fellowship of believers in every village within a two-hour radius of Tok in Alaska and as far as Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of Canada. We believe and trust God to raise indigenous leadership within the Athabaskan people and He will use them to plant sustainable churches in their communities.  We do not want to plant “Anglo” churches and we have no plan to import any style of worship or foist any plan outside the plans as outlined and defined in the scriptures.  The joy of a “contextual” church is that we are fulfilled in the context of our creation…the way that God made us and the way He wanted us to worship Him.  That may sound strange to you, but remember, you worship in the style and context of your culture and inheritance and everyone that comes to Christ should have that same freedom.  We have, unfortunately, created a legacy of “conversion prior to salvation.”  Meaning that you need to become like me before you become like Christ…nowhere in the scriptures is that expressed, and in fact is what we like to refer to as extra-biblical hooey.  We sing “Come just as you are,” but we mean come just like I am.

We have not relinquished any responsibilities as the Alaska Native Church Starter Catalyst, rather have moved our office and accepted this new responsibility, being a bit closer to the battle.  We will offer the opportunity for new leaders to train within the program known as “Bible Training For Pastors” www.bibletraining.com preparing them for the privilege of planting a church in their village.  Additionally we would like to see the MRTC become a “boot camp” for prospective missionaries coming to Alaska from the outside.  Giving them the necessary fundamentals of cross-cultural knowledge and skills necessary to live and serve in the bush of Alaska.

Want to come and work with us?  You can as always reach us at 907-350-4111, alan@alaskabaptistconvention.com , PO Box 889, Tok, Alaska 99780.  We covet your prayers and your participation.

From Babs, Alan, Mohau and Daniel we pray for your health, spiritually and physically, and all the blessings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In His Name,